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Reseller Network

The PanaVue Reseller Program offers distributors and resellers the opportunity to buy our products for reselling to their own clients. Resellers receive a 20% discount on the product price. PanaVue will deliver the products directly to customer. Resellers are responsible for billing their own clients.

Thanks to our partnership with Share-It, which administers the reseller program for us, you can be confident you get the maximum security and transparency.

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Customer Care Center

Reseller Network FAQ

I am a registered reseller. How do I order a license for my customer?

You order on our web site like everybody else except that you enter your reseller ID and password in the login data. These numbers are given to you by Share-it when you register as a reseller with them. Follow the instructions on screen. It is possible to have product delivered to your customer's address and receive yourself the invoice.

I am a registered reseller. Where can I find promotional material for your products?

Click here to get promotional material on our products.

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